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The Christmas edition of the Citycare Connect magazine for 2014, is now available. You can view it online, or download and print it. There are lots of exciting stories, on what is happening in Citycare at St Paul’s church in Worcester.

There are articles on:

  • Teaching English as foreign language.
  • Our very popular Little Oaks toddler group.
  • What is happening in TLG.
  • We also look back at the celebration of Woodbine Willie.
  • Have information on the Christmas events happening at St Paul’s church this year.

Please take a few minutes to relax; may be over a cup of coffee, and have a read of our Citycare Connect magazine, (please don’t spill it on your keyboard, tablet or smart phone),  by following this Link. Or if you are in St Paul’s anytime, for say our Friday ‘coffee morning’, please pick up a copy in the church.