As a fellowship, we believe no child should live in poverty. Poverty takes away the opportunities most children have a right – to grow up strong and healthy. That’s why St Paul’s is getting behind Compassion, a Christian charity which makes a difference in the lives of children around the world.

Many of our congregation already sponsor a child through the charity to show these children that they are loved, valued and important. It’s even more important these days with the COVID-19 pandemic reaching all parts of the world. It’s a known fact that the virus has a disproportionate impact on children in poverty.

Through the charity, children around the world. Many of them facing the combined effects of extreme poverty and COVID-19. Are supported in all aspects of their lives. The charity brings hope and the promise of a better future to thousands of children from all backgrounds, regardless of belief.

At its heart, the compassion charity links children with support partners around the world. Here at St Paul’s, this is our opportunity to stretch out our arms of support around the world. To help children we’ve never met, reach goals they’ve never imagined.

Sponsorship can take many different forms. It could be an individual supporting a child, or it could be a family or a Life Group.

We’re focusing on this in our Sunday service on February 7 – it will be a Compassion Celebration Service. It’ll be a chance to explore what we can do as individuals and as a church.

Please put the date in your diary.

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