These are extraordinary times, and we want you to know that we value the safety and wellbeing of each one of you. We hope that you are aware of that love and care particularly, at this time. Recently we took the decision in line with the government guidelines to keep the church open. Since that decision the infection rate in Worcester has continued to increase, as a leadership team we are constantly reviewing this decision. It is following that review this week we have decided to close our physical services after this Sunday.

We will still hold our services online and hope that you can all join us online via our Facebook livestream or later on either YouTube or Vimeo. This week, Sunday 17th January, we will meet physically in the building but want to encourage you that the safest way to join us is to access the services online. If you are unable to join us online or need to meet physically then the church will be open this week only. Thereafter our services will be online.  We also want to let you know that we intend to start a weekly Sunday evening interactive bible study looking at Luke and Acts. This will start in February and we hope that you can join us for that exciting study, more about that later.

For now, as a leadership team we want to assure you of our love and prayers if you are in any difficulty or experiencing any problems please do not hesitate to contact our help line 07798 775329

The St Pauls Leadership Team