I was reading a daily devotion today and share this part of it:-
Abraham was a hundred years old. His wife Sarah was ninety. God promised them a son. They said, in effect, ‘that is impossible’. This is the context of the great rhetorical question: ‘Is anything too hard for the Lord?’ (Genesis 18:14). The answer is ‘no’. If Sarah could conceive when ‘already very old, and… past the age of childbearing’ (v.11), then nothing is too hard for the Lord.
Please pray for those you know who are struggling with what seems to be ‘too hard’ or even impossible. Health, relational breakdown, financial hardships…..

Please pray that St Paul’s will experience supernatural interventions of God in lives, in financial provision, in healing etc.

Thank you to all who came to prayer meetings. Fantastic. Over 80 different folks. Brill.

Be there Saturday at 7pm!

God bless